Learning about NFP and fertility awareness has never been easier. The PeakDay Quickstart Videos series are 4 short videos that teach you the basics about cycles, fertility, mucus, temperature and how to chart.

Quick Start 1: Female Cycle and Fertility

Learn the importance of understanding your period, cycle and fertility and how it applies when using PeakDay. 

Duration: 5 minutes

Quick Start 2: Cervical Mucus and Fertility

One sign of fertility is cervical mucus. Learn about mucus sensations and characteristics, why they are important and how to chart them in PeakDay.  

Duration: 6 minutes 

Quick Start 3: Basal Body Temperature and Fertility

A very important biomarker to track your cycle and fertility is temperature. Learn how and why to take your temperature when charting in PeakDay. 

Duration: 3 minutes 

Quick Start 4: How to Chart Your Cycle Using PeakDay

Learn how to chart  menstruation, mucus, temperature, and more fertility signs and symptoms using PeakDay! 

Duration: 7 minutes 



You can record the following fertility signs and symptoms in PeakDay:

  • cervical mucus sensations and characteristics
  • basal body temperature
  • cervix characteristics
  • LH ovulation test results
  • fertility monitor readings
  • weight
  • emotions
  • activity and exercise
  • 60+ custom fertility symptoms that you can choose to track

There are five colors on the calendar that signify the different phases and events in your fertility cycle.  

  • Pink colors indicate your period (light or heavy flow).
  • Phase 1 is yellow and is generally  non fertile.
  • Phase 2 is green and is a fertile time.
  • Dark green signifies the PeakDay of fertile mucus.  
  • Phase 3 is purple and is a non fertile time.

PeakDay uses experience, algorithms and a scientifically-based method to calculate your fertility.

  • For 50 years, CCL has used the Sympto-Thermal Method for natural family planning.
  • For 10 years, the CycleProGo app used the STM method and algorithm to help thousands of couples with their fertility.
  • When you input your symptoms (mucus, temperature, etc.), PeakDay helps determine what phase of your cycle you are in.


PeakDay is just the beginning. To learn NFP or discover more about your fertility and cycle, we offer classes for couples, postpartum, perimenopause in both English and Spanish.  

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Postpartum Class

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